About Us

Greyfey is a small, homespun, grass-roots company focused on the creation and distribution of fun and interesting RPG content.  While much of our work is based on, and centered around OSR Rulesets, much of it is System Neutral and universally compatible with any fantasy RPG or setting.  

The work is all original (except for the bits we stole) and any similarity to other, previously existing work is both completely coincidental and wholly unintentional, and we apologize in advance to those whose work we may have infringed upon during the pursuit of new stuff.

Grey Fey is not affiliated with any other fey of any other color.  We’re not racist, we’re just grey. We know you may be wondering why we aren’t spelling the word grey with an ‘a’, and it’s really just a high-falootin’ affectation.  We’re self-proclaimed snobs, and we also spell colour with a ‘u’.  Deal with it.

We at Grey Fey hope you enjoy our content, and we’d love some feedback, so be sure to drop us a note here at the site, or call us out publicly on G+ at +GreyFey ,Facebook at Grey Fey Publishing, or Twitter @Grey_Fey