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In the near future, I will be adding quite a few things to the Zazzle Store. For one the failed Bonfire drive tee is being replaced by the one with the Orc Head that I had originally planned on using.

Not Stupid T-Shirt
Not Stupid T-Shirt by GreyFey

Grey Fey managed to produce the module ‘Adventure Most Fowl‘ on a shoestring budget and some home-drawn art, but we’d like our next project to step it up a notch or three! In order to help secure some more quality art pieces, ensure we can afford to once again bring on proper layout and editors, we’ve decided to run a crowd-funding campaign open a Zazzle Store. With several ideas brewing but no new product on the immediate horizon, we decided to produce this kewl t-shirt so that you get something right away, and we manage to get the ready cash we need to start work on the next great adventure for your heroes!

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