Adventure Most Fowl


Adventure and beginning of a campaign setting for low-level PCs.

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“Curses are like chickens; they always come home to roost”, and if these chickens aren’t found soon, the Village of Kith will be doomed!

On the edge of the Four Counties, in a backwater village of lost souls, there is a string of robberies that cannot be explained…Farmer Phileas Filson has lost his chickens, or rather he swears that they’ve been pilfered, along with his prize-winning hen Mabel, and no one in town will lift a finger to help.

You and your adventuring comrades, freshly minted from the forges of fame and fortune, may be his only hope…

Adventure Most Fowl is a great way to start that new party of low-level adventurers on the path to riches and rewards! With a broadcast of interesting, unusual and perhaps dangerous rural folk, a countryside filled with sheep, squash, and hallucinogenic flora and of course the mystery of missing poultry, your players and their new characters will have a fun-filled romp through this off-color backwater village.

There’s a terrible force trying to impose itself on the Village of Kith…and it’s up to you to discover its source and put an end to the poultry-pinching party, and the havoc that is destined to follow if your players don’t solve this ADVENTURE MOST FOWL!

An OSR Module For 4–6 players level 0–1
Hand-Drawn Maps by DYSON LOGOS!
2 All-New Monsters including the Cockalorum!
Original Artwork by Randy Davis
For use with Swords & Wizardry, but easily converted and compatible with most OSR systems


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